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A research-led early years language program that is proven to improve educational outcomes.

Turning research evidence into practical tools through world-class assessments, targeted intervention and whole class enrichment to improve educational outcomes for children worldwide and ensure no child is left behind.

Based on extensive University of Oxford research into children’s educational development.

National roll-out of Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) in the UK boosted young children’s language skills by four months


A new independent evaluation of NELI found that children who took part in the programme made on average four months’ additional progress in their language skills. It also found that socio-economically disadvantaged children made on average seven months’ additional progress as a result of receiving the programme, suggesting that NELI could help to close the language development gap between these children and their peers.


Our assessment apps provide an accurate and reliable way to easily assess children, track the progress of students' skills and identify those who would benefit from interventions or specialist support.

Early Language Programmes

Our early language programmes provide a comprehensive package of assessment, training, targeted intervention and whole class enrichment supporting oral language in the early years

11,000 schools

using OxEd’s assessments and early language programmes

600,000 students

assessed using our assessment apps

27,000 teachers and teaching aides

trained in language fundamentals

Who are we?

OxEd and Assessment Ltd (OxEd) is a University of Oxford spinout company launched to take the research of Professor Charles Hulme and his team, creators of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), through to practical application in schools. OxEd develops educational assessment apps and interventions which have been shown to improve educational outcomes for children.

OxEd is proud to be affiliated with the University of Oxford and Oxford University Innovation, which develops and finances companies in order to share the benefits of Oxford’s academic excellence, encourage local economic development and create new jobs in the region.

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