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Direct your reading support to the children who most need it

ReadingScreen is the fastest and most accurate way to identify children who would benefit from reading interventions or additional support.

Based on extensive University of Oxford research into reading development.

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Step 1

Download the ReadingScreen app for iOS / Android tablets and smartphones.


Step 2

Open the app and use this QR code to launch a practice assessment.

Step 3

Download a sample assessment report, with:

  • age-standardised results
  • detailed visual and written feedback for individual pupils and whole classes
  • traffic light symbols showing the children who would most benefit from support

ReadingScreen FAQs

How do I try ReadingScreen?

  • Creating a trial account is entirely free, with no ongoing obligation, and no payment details required. All you need to provide is your name and email. Sign up here.

How do I get started?

  • Once you have signed up, upload a spreadsheet of pupil names for each class you will be assessing. Our system is safe, GDPR compliant, and meets Local Authority standards.
  • OxEd will generate a QR code for each pupil. Print off QR codes from our website – one per pupil. You scan these to start an assessment.
  • Download ReadingScreen from Apple AppStore onto a tablet or smartphone. We recommend an 8-inch tablet or larger.
  • Use the Practice QR Code to familiarise yourself with the assessment. Our apps are intuitive and easy to use.
  • You’re ready to begin an assessment.

How do I conduct an assessment?

  • Find a quiet space to complete your one-to-one assessments.
  • Launch the app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • For each child, use their QR code to launch their assessment.
  • Follow the audio and visual instructions in the app to take the child through the assessment.
  • The assessments take less than 10 minutes to complete per child.
  • Sign in to to view the results. Pupils are shown in ranked order with recommendations for who needs extra support.

How do I assess a child’s progress?

  • After completing your chosen support programme or intervention, repeat the assessment.
  • For each child, use their QR code to launch their assessment.
  • After the assessment, the report will show previous and new results for comparison.
  • Repeat each year, if appropriate, to provide ongoing evaluations of children’s learning needs.

How much does it cost?

  • Information about ReadingScreen subscriptions will be available soon. Contact us to register your interest.

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