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Research & evidence

The research behind our screening apps

LanguageScreen was developed by a research team led by Professor Charles Hulme at the University of Oxford and is the product of extensive research. LanguageScreen was developed by the same research team responsible for the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) programme. We created LanguageScreen because we believe it is essential for teachers to be able to accurately assess children’s language skills.

LanguageScreen was used in a study evaluating the effectiveness of the NELI programme in 193 schools (involving testing roughly 6,000 children). In this study, LanguageScreen was effective in allowing school staff to identify children with language difficulties and also provided an accurate measure of the improvements in children’s language skill’s following the NELI programme.

The research team behind Language Screen and NELI are continuing to develop methods to help schools identify and ameliorate children’s learning difficulties including two new apps, MathsScreen and ReadingScreen, due to launch soon.

OxEd’s founder, Professor Charles Hulme, discusses interventions to improve children’s early language skills in this seminar for LuCID, the ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development.

Forthcoming OxEd research talks

2nd International Symposium on Educational Research (ERL2022)

8th October 2022 (via Zoom)
Speaker: Professor Charles Hulme
Title: Early language intervention is Effective and Important for Improving Educational Outcomes

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13th International Conference of Experimental Linguistics

19th October 2022, Paris, France
Speaker: Professor Charles Hulme
Title: Interventions to improve children’s early language skills

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