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Evidence-based assessments and interventions for nurseries and primary schools

From the creators of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI). Based on extensive University of Oxford research into children’s educational development and used by over 10,000 schools.

Proven to improve educational outcomes for the children who need most help.

OxEd partners with Pearson UK

OxEd is proud to announce our new partnership with the world's leading digital media learning company, Pearson.

We're working together to support pupils' speech and language needs for their future success.


Our assessment apps are the fastest and most accurate way to identify children who will benefit the most from additional support, resources or intervention

Quick and easy to use

No paper marking or calculations

Safe and GDPR compliant

Suitable for nursery and primary schools

10 minutes per test

Colourful and fun for children

Instant results, detailed report

No training required

Use with evidence-based interventions

OxEd and Assessment apps
have been used by over

7,000 schools

to assess more than

400,000 pupils

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LanguageScreen is being used in the national roll-out of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) programme funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to primary schools in England.

Who are we?

OxEd and Assessment Ltd (OxEd) is a University of Oxford spinout company launched to take the research of Professor Charles Hulme and his team, creators of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), through to practical application in schools. OxEd develops educational assessment apps and interventions which have been shown to improve educational outcomes for children.

OxEd is proud to be affiliated with the University of Oxford and Oxford University Innovation, which develops and finances companies in order to share the benefits of Oxford’s academic excellence, encourage local economic development and create new jobs in the region.

Welcome to OxEd and Assessment

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