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Direct your reading support to the children who most need it

ReadingScreen is a quick and accurate digital assessment of word and nonword reading. It can be administered by teachers, paraprofessionals, or any adult. It is quick to use, taking between 2-10 minutes per child and will identify children requiring extra support to develop decoding skills.

When a child is assessed with both LanguageScreen and ReadingScreen the results are automatically plotted on a graph representing the Simple View of Reading to identify the nature and extent of any possible language or reading difficulties.

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What is the Simple View of Reading?

The Simple View of Reading is a well-established model to help educators determine the best way to support a child who is struggling to read.

When students are assessed with both LanguageScreen and ReadingScreen you get an instant view of their scores on a graph representing the Simple View of Reading. This clearly highlights whether students have problems with decoding, comprehension or both so you can easily see what kind of additional support the children in your class may need.

How does ReadingScreen work?

A ReadingScreen assessment takes place using a tablet or phone and is administered by an adult. It consists of two easy-to-administer tests. Children are presented with one word or nonword at a time, which they are asked to read aloud. The adult discreetly marks their response correct or incorrect using the controls at the bottom of the screen.

Word Reading

Assesses the ability to recognize words of increasing difficulty and is a measure of single word reading ability. There are 60 items in this test.

Nonword Reading

Assesses the ability to decode unfamiliar nonwords and is a measure of phonic decoding ability. There are 34 items in this test.

Try ReadingScreen now...

Step 1

Download the ReadingScreen app for iOS / Android tablets and smartphones.


Step 2

Open the app and use this QR code to launch a practice assessment.

Step 3

Download a sample assessment report, with:

  • age-standardized results
  • detailed visual and written feedback for individual students and whole classes
  • traffic light symbols showing the children who would most benefit from support

Also assess with LanguageScreen to access Simple View of Reading reports.

Easy to use tablet and smartphone app

Takes around 2-10 mins per child

Instant reports with no paper marking

Can be administered by any adult

How can ReadingScreen support my school or district?

  • Assess the effects of reading programs and interventions
  • Get to know the reading abilities of children joining mid-year
  • Review retention of phonics knowledge
  • Track reading progress as students move through elementary school
  • Identify children who may need additional reading support

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